legend international mortgage brokers ltd

About us

Legend International is designed to include all clients who are requiring loans both confirming "bankable" and non conforming "non bankable", as long as they have equity (that is, secured loans only).

The loans are generally mortgaged against property with collateral security if required against chattels, boats, vehicles or livestock.

We are part of a network system that includes traditional and alternative sources of funding. The advantage for our valued customers is that we do their shopping for them.

We are full disclosure brokers and therefore require the following in order to assist our client. There are documents available in an easy user friendly format to complete.

  • full names
  • date of birth
  • full spouse details
  • proof of earnings
  • three bank statements (current)
  • physical and postal address
  • all contact telephone numbers
  • reason for requiring the loan
  • full list of monthly income and expenditure
  • statement of position
  • full details of security to be used for loan
  • current registered valuation of security to be used for the loan
  • rates certificate and Government valuation if property is used for the loan

In order to process a loan we require our clients to sign a Privacy Act Waiver and an Authority to Assist.

This does not commit the client to having to accept the finance offered. It does, however, give Legend International Mortgage Brokers '98 Ltd the ability to proceed with the co-ordination of the finance requested.

After finance is co-ordinated, the client has the right to accept or reject the finance offered.

Due to the nature of Legend International Mortgage Brokers '98 Ltd, we prefer our clients not to attempt to obtain finance elsewhere after instructing us to assist and we are actively working on their files, as each request for finance made individually by the clients usually shows another inquiry on the client's credit report. With a multitude of current inquiries on their credit reports, makes it more complex to obtain finance.